Pardon my absence (again)

Hey y’all! I’ve missed reading and interacting like I was, but woo-ee… I’ve been busy! I am hoping to release an updated pattern this Friday… I have another pattern that I need to finish a good prototype for pics, then I can release it… My family has been needing a lot lately… And I’ve started playing with a new-to-me hobby…
I plan to announce my pattern release (X’s Keyhole Scarf) and my new hobby on my social media (Instagram and Facebook), but I wanted to give y’all a sneak peek since I enjoy being here so much…

I should be more active again soon!
Hope y’all are doing well, and for those in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


i know about the shop “o-baby-n-more desgins”


Hope you’re doing well too! I also hope you’re taking breaks/me time’s! :relaxed: