Pattern creator help!

So I have been crocheting for exactly a year now, and I said to myself, now it’s time for you to start designing your own crochet patterns stop babying yourself with other peoples. Does anyone know any good YouTube videos to help me out a bit?


No sorry :pensive: but for me I like finding or drawing a good reference picture (not of a crocheted item) and just making the basic shapes (ex. Circle head, oval body, semicircle or circle ears, maybe bbl legs or ovals, etc) and putting them together to form a cute little pattern!


Nope, but I can help a little bit!

  1. Look at references! Other plushes or real life objects are great (:
  2. Draw it out! You can use a piece of paper or your phone to draw out any idea you have.
  3. Know the general shape. Knowing how to make different shapes is the key to making your own patterns
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and frog. Its gonna happen at some point.

And thats what Ive got! Have fun and good luck (:


Complicated knots on yt has a playlist on designing your own amigurumi. Idk about other types of crochet tho


It’s not YouTube but… ttps://

Add the h


It isn’t particularly going easy on yourself to use someone else’s pattern

Some patterns are very complex and it can be quite an accomplishment to make the finished item

Do you have a local yarn shop? If so ask them if they would consider adding a class on basic pattern writing. I’m not sure if Michaels or Jo Ann’s fabrics would do this kind of class as it would not involve the students buying yarn from the store

Designers might also be reluctant because why would they want to enable their competitors LOL

I don’t know where you are located but if in the US does have an annual crochet conference which has classes and a vendor market place (at least they used to). You can ask them if they have online classes and could basic pattern writing be considered as one of them

Unfortunately Stitches is no more. They recently cancelled all their regional conferences mainly focused on knitting


It seems like you could turn anything into a tote bag or purse!

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I don’t know wether she talks about making patterns but Bella Coco has some good videos there might be something that could help you there.

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