Pattern designer not responding

I’m in a bit of a weird situation I think. I was chosen to test a pattern, and after the initial exchange, the pattern designer has not responded at all, despite me asking questions. In this case, after I was chosen to test the pattern, I saw other people commented on the testing call that the person who posted the test had stolen the pattern from someone else. That does appear to be the case, and the testing call disappeared, but the pattern (which is incomplete by the way) is still showing up in my testing patterns. I’m guessing I no longer need to test this pattern, but I’m not sure what to do since I can still see the pattern. I don’t want this to come back on me like I don’t test patterns I was chosen for or anything, but if it’s not even their pattern, I don’t want to support the stolen pattern. And again, the supposed designer isn’t even responding to my messages asking what’s going on. So what should I do in this situation?


You can abort and leave by pressing this button

This means you have left the pattern and will no longer test it :))


I would abort also. There is currently nothing that states how many tests were aborted or not finished so it should not come back on you. And, you have the side of being … well, you know. I think you’re good.


Okay. Thank you both!