Pattern Discount!

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday.
I just put a 20% discount on my Cancer Awareness Market Bag pattern. If you would like to buy it come over to my shop.
If you cannot see my shop button when you click on my name, look up to ShayCrochet Patterns in the search bar and you will find my pattern.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!




Good luck with sales! :heart:


I see a button for your makes but not a pattern shop. If you need help setting up a pattern shop you can message Ribblr


It’s a really great make! I had the joy of testing this! Good stuff!
I didn’t see a button for your shop either , I was going to favorite it.

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That’s strange. I’ll find a way to fix it. Until then. Just look up ShayCrochet Patterns and you will find the pattern with the same picture. Thank you.

Here is the link to your shop :slight_smile: but if you share it yourself (in the main post would be the best spot!!) You can collect $elfee points!!! Just hit the 3 dots and copy the link! Hope this helps!

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It’s a great pattern! I tested it, highly recommend :100:


Great! Thank you so much.
I just tried to edit the main post to add your link. But I guess the time limit for editing the post ran out and now Ribblr will not let me edit the post anymore. Thanks again.

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Now it shows up