Pattern formatting question

I’m new to Ribbler. I’m working on transferring over some existing patterns. My patterns tend to have a lot of photo stitch tutorials, but I see the pattern format only allows for one picture per line. How do most people tend to format their photo tutorials here?
So far, I’m loving the community!


Hi! When I have to do more than one image for a line, I use an external program to combine the photos into one image (like a collage) and then I upload that. You can also just add more empty lines underneath and attach the images to those.


The collage is a really great idea. Thank you! I do love how many stitch tutorials are already built in!


You can definitely try to make a collage, I also know that some patterns have either a blank space with the photo or something like another photo of x if that makes sense you could definitely take a look at the patterns here to better understand how everything is formated, it’s also possible to attach other things like videos and PDF’s in case you didn’t know :smile:


My last pattern I added several lines in a row explaining different pictures. So, before or after where needed, add a informational line.