Pattern Giveaway + Gift Exchange???

Hello everyone! I want to ask you all if you like for me to create a pattern giveaway + gift exchange for Christmas :gift: :christmas_tree: :two_hearts:? I have never done a pattern giveaway before and I am always curious to see how the giveaway button on Ribblr goes for one of my free patterns.

I have gotten some reviews and support on my Coraline Button Squid pattern from my Ribblr shop and Instagram page, and I would love to give away that pattern for anybody, including my shop followers for supporting me this year :pray: :purple_heart:. If anybody wins that giveaway, they are more welcome to exchange any pattern they can get for me from my wishlist for Christmas this year.

Please let me know in the comments if you are interested and I will share the giveaway details this week.


Oo yess this sounds amazing!

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