Pattern Help - colour changes

Hi all, I’m looking for help. I’m in the middle of doing a pattern where is calls for some changes between two colours. The Main colour (MC) and contrasting colour (CC) I’m having trouble keeping the “stripes” uniform. Would anyone know how to do this or any handy tips with colour changes. I have looked up videos and I’m still having trouble!

Here is the part of the pattern I’m stuck on (from round 7):


would you be able to take a picture of the project? i might be able to help


It’s a Bagpuss cat amigurumi pattern. I’ve everything else made but it’s the part (posted above) for the head that is confusing me.

Here’s a pic of what the finished piece should look like

As you’ll see the stripes go in a different direction and following the pattern the colour changes every 2 stitches or so. I’m just confused with how to do it properly so the colours are uniform like in the picture


Still having trouble :sob: I’ve tried carrying the contrasting colour along but it’s pulling tight. I then tried crochet more loosely and still it’s pulling. It’s frustrating because I have everything else made and ready to sew together. It’s the head that’s stumping me :sob: