Pattern help pls

Yall so I’m making my first pattern, (WATCH OUT FOR THE TESTING CALL WITHIN THE NEXT… WEEK!) but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do the lil combine lines… like the “ for rows 1-10 do the exact same thing” but you can click on it to expand and mark off each one. I literally looked at the entire ribblr YouTube channel and looked at every tutorial on the app… HELP ME HOW DO I DO IT?? :sob: I beg… I’m wanting to use it specifically for something that’s like an optional thing so that it’s easy to skip but I just CANT figure it out :frowning: please help :heart_hands: also to @Ribblr please make a tutorial for the fellow ppl like me struggling! Thanks :smiley:


Sorry this post is so chaotic :sob::heart_hands:

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You just need to put the numbers where they normally go in the row section. #-# with a dash in-between each number. It doesn’t show up in the builder, but if you go into the preview, it should show

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This. So like it could say “SC 20” and in the line you would put 1-10 or 23-28 to show what rows are grouped


Oh alright! Thanks so much! <3 guess I went through the tutorial too fast… didn’t seem like it lol. Thanks again!

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