Pattern Ideas Pt.2

Guys Here Are The Option For The Pattern Thanks For The Suggestions

  • Sloth
  • Mini Octopus
  • Hedgehog
  • Coster
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I Will Be Closing This Tab September 10th


Sorry, no brainer!

@bulldogcrochetss @LittleCreatures help

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@Mentaldee I think your vote got erased.

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I dont understand?

please vote for what you want and not to peer pressure

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But you are correct @OMLET . Actually I was answering @LittleCreatures question. But I can see how it looked like pressure.

SOWWY!!! :heart:

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Its okay i understand that you want me to crochet a sloth but please keep your opinions to yourself and everyone else please vote for what you want

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Thank you I voted again

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