Pattern ideas?!?

Sooo i wanna make more beginner patterns for my shop does anyone have any ideas?


For your first pattern I recommend making something no-sew or little to no-sew.


Maybe some appliqués to put on future projects? Like stars or hearts or flowers​:heart_eyes:

(That’s one of the first things I made that helped me to feel confident and keep working to figure out my first Amigurumi)

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Or cute animal head balls like no body? Or the arms and tails are just chains coming off the ball maybe

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I meant like for my shop

I would suggest doing something unique, not like a bee or leggy froggy or something extremely popular. Just a tip though, whenever I try to force myself to think up pattern designs, I never can, so I usually have to wait for something specific to spark my imagination. Good luck with your pattern though! :grin:

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Yeah I was thinking those kinds of beginner patterns would be nice to add for your shop offerings :blush: