Pattern in Two Places

I recently completed a pattern test, and the designer gifted me the pattern. However, it’s still showing up in my testing tab. It’s also showing up in my patterns tab. Is there any way I can get it out of my testing tab? I’m scared to remove myself and lose the pattern since it’s a paid pattern.


That’s strange, did the designer click the gift and remove option for you or did they just gift you the pattern not from the testing area? I would ask

Gifting and removing a tester gives the pattern and Karma and removes the pattern from the testing tab, just gifting a pattern is just giving the pattern not removing them from the test, I would ask to make sure what they clicked, either way since it’s in your patterns tab you own it but just in case I would verify with the designer first in case this is a bug glitch


I appreciate you responding! I’m not a designer so I had no idea there were 2 different options. I will reach out to the designer :blush:


No problem! If they did click the gift and remove option I would message Ribblr or comment back here with screenshots along with whether you’re on the app or website and the device and brand you use