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Hi everyone!

Im currently having some testers test my pattern & they have told me they posted their photo in journal. But everytime I go under their "makes " on their profile I dont see a journal for my pattern. Why is that ?? Has someone had this happen before. I usually see the journals with no problem. I dont know what happened. Ive also tried logging out and that dont work either.

Thanks, Amber


if you are the designer you should be able to see it but ofc thats not whats happening with yours, maybe try to go to the pattern that is being tested and go down to where you would normally see the makes?


Have you tried looking underneath your pattern listing? It should be listed under it as well.


Tagging @Ribblr to help troubleshoot


Hello Ribblr have recently updated it so only designers and testers are able to see journals before a pattern is published. Meaning now as a designer I am assuming you now view the journals via the pattern makes rather than someone’s personal makes section. As this is also the case for me, but when I do release the pattern, that is when you can see the journals in the person’s personal makes :slight_smile:


Yes, so if you click on the name of the pattern, it should show you the journals underneath.


Oooo! Okay i will check that then. Thank you

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