Pattern making help

So I have never designed a pattern before but I want to try but I want to know if someone will collab and help me with it.Also If you have any tips let me know.


I could collab with you and help! If you just need to know how to do a certain amount of increases and decide what you want , to make and sketch it out how you want then you will need to determine if how you are going to do it. And also what comes with it is trial and error. And sometimes you will just make up smth random without planning and decide what it is later lol :joy:


ive never designed a pattern either but always wished i could. I know a lot about crocheting but i am still very slow but here are my pointers :grin::

1.magic rings are the best way to go cuz a lot of patterns say ch.2 and 6sc in 2nd chain that makes it look weird sometimes in my opinion.

2.make it clear to the reader and use stiche markers

thats all i got sorry :sweat_smile:


Yes these are great tips also!! :sparkles::two_hearts::sparkles:


i could if you would like!!! if so text me personally!!!

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oh tip
mr\mc means magic ring or magic cirlcle
sc: single crochet

Hi! I’ve never made a pattern either, but I would be interested in trying to lol!

I could do one! I make my own patterns often,but I have never participated in collabs so bear with me :sweat_smile: you can text me privately.

i’m trying to learn rn! i’d love to collab if you’re open to it (:


this all so helpful ty

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