Pattern PDFs

hello everyone!! i have been releasing patterns on here for a while now but i want to expand my brand for people on my socials as well so im just wondering how to make one? i have never used pdfs in school. just google docs and stuff like that and i dont really understand the format for the ribblr generated one.

does anyone have any site recommendations and tips?

i usually use a mac and a chromebook :slight_smile:


This website might be able to help you:

I personally just use a word document, and make a table to write my instructions in (I make the table lines invisible so it doesn’t show up on the final pdf)


I use Adobe inDesign, so I am probably not the best for advice there.
I do know many people now use Canva (free online)
A for places to sell, check out Etsy, Payhip, and Ko-fi and see what you think is your best fit.