Pattern posting and Categories - crochet

I’m curious, has anyone had any good luck with pattern sales on Ribblr? I have free patterns right now on other sites I want to move over to Ribblr so they’re available to others in an easier format, but in terms of sales— how do people do?

I know it’s a faux pas question, but my other sites don’t garner too much love and the community on here seems genuinely loving and excited when it comes to patterns.

I have:

One ami whale pattern

One shawl pattern

And MANY tapestry patterns because that’s what I want to focus on mainly (i just don’t quite know how to post those on Ribblr /I still need to make them up but the designs are cuties if I do say so myself)

I’ve just noticed that most of the available patterns in here are Ami patterns, clothing, and the rare tapestry and I’d LOVE to add to the tapestry genre.

Thanks qts :heart:


i personally have amigurumi in my shop, and they do pretty well, about a sale or two every few days


I only have free patterns on my shop, and my sprout friend pattern does best. Between all three of my released patterns, I generally get 1-3 orders a day, sometimes 0 though.


If your patterns are free, they should do quite well. I usually have a few downloads of my free patterns per month. My sales for paid patterns are much rarer though, but they’ve done better here than on any other website.

For tapestry patterns, you could try using Ribblr’s interactive charts. It’s also possible to upload an image of your chart instead. Here’s Ribblr’s help page about it:


Ooh! Awesome thank you!