Pattern Preferences

Hello Crochet Friends!

I am about to release my first pattern and it has made me curious as to what people look for most in a pattern. I know for me I love having lots of pictures and or videos because I am a visual learner, a downloadable pdf file is always a nice bonus. As far as functionality I appreciate having row count at the beginning of each row and a stitch count at the end of each row. What about you all? What are the things that you look for in a pattern. What are the things that you find really helpful and or what makes a pattern frustrating? Thanks for your input!


I added a few videos to my last pattern, but it’s hard through Ribblr because it has to be 30mb max, so I ended up posting them as private videos to YouTube and adding links to my pattern.

I never thought about adding a PDF though! I’m wondering if I should add the PDFs that I sell through my Etsy shop to my Ribblr patterns so people get both if they buy through here?

When I use patterns I love photo guides! Especially for more complicated assembly steps.


Clear instructions, ,lots of photos especially if it’s a stitch one isn’t familiar with. Skills required properly labeled.
Also it does help if there is a video or link to a specific stitch as well.
I personally like details when I’m looking for patterns and as little no sew as possible for Amigurumi. If it’s something to wear I like texture in the design. Sometimes I really appreciate simplicity as well.


What I liked about it was.
+Easy to read
+The row numbers at the end helped me out.
+The videos are very helpful.
When I look for a pattern, I look for easy instructions, photos or videos especially for parts that are hard to do and if they have a PDF. I don’t mind doing projects that have one sew of section or sew on to section but if it’s like five or six pieces that’s just too much for me.


I like photos and/or videos on the transition pieces of the pattern. For example, you’ve been doing SC and now you want to join to another piece-show me the transition. NOT, “join blah to blah blah” :rage:

If you get one person contacting you about a certain portion of the pattern-that one person represents a lot of people who tried your pattern who either gave up on it/or figured some other way to do it. These questions/criticisms can be nuggets of gold to help you develop the pattern better.

I like patterns that stick with standardized terms and format. I can read that, and If I can’t I’ll go to the “dictionary”. Pattern writers who make up their own language- if I don’t understand I’m stuck and mad cuz I spent the money-most of times they don’t include a legend in their pattern.

This is key to me- I usually won’t buy a pattern or an expensive one till I look at it and try a free pattern. If those are good then the paid ones will be good. I also won’t buy a pattern from designer who had had no social media presence or do not respond to questions about their patterns. If I get stuck, then all I’ve done is flushed my money down the toilet.