Pattern Release: Berry Patch Bag

I am pleased to announce the re-release of my Berry Patch Cross Body Bag pattern.

I had quietly removed it after the initial release due to feedback outside of the Ribblr platform, and after a complete re-work of the pattern, it is once more available.

The re-work makes the pattern much more user friendly, and is now no-sew with the exception of attaching the carrying strap.

I thank everyone who wishlisted it the first time around, and I hope you all have as much fun with this pattern as I had making it. :orange_heart:

Keep an eye on my shop for more fun to come!


Congrats on the re-release and what appears to be a super cute pattern! Think it’s really admirable how you took their feedback and completely reworked it, and it sounds like it’s even got some new features, which is awesome! :heartpulse:

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Thank you :blush:


Congrats on the re-release !! :partying_face: :heart_hands: :tada:

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Congrats on the pattern release!

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