✨ PATTERN RELEASE ✨ Choose-your-own-patchwork pattern is OUT NOW!

The Choose-your-own-patchwork pattern is now officially OUT! You can get the pattern at 50% OFF for this first week of release!!

The pattern includes:
:sunflower:⁠ Instructions for 31 different patches
:sunflower: Instructions to create either a patchwork cardigan or a sweater
:sunflower:⁠ Made-to-measure instructions to fully customize the width and length of the project! You could even make an ankle-length cardi :star_struck:
:sunflower:⁠The pattern includes detailed instructional videos and photos throughout the pattern, and a lot of tips for customizing! The best thing about patchwork is just how CREATIVE you can go with a project!
:sunflower: The pattern is perfect for an intermediate-level crocheter for the more advanced patches, but it also includes simple patches that a beginner could also create!

Thanks to everyone who has shown love and support for this pattern since I started working on it :orange_heart:

Special thanks to all my testers! Check out the pattern, or my IG to see all my testers’ wonderful cardis and sweaters :fire:

:sunflower:Inka (@shyspidercrochet )
:sunflower:V (@vendettaxjay )
:sunflower:Gwen (@yesicrochet )
:sunflower:Chloe (@pinkporcupine104)
:sunflower:Audrey (@crochetwithaudrey )
:sunflower:Viola (@coffeeandcrochetsmiles )
:sunflower:Izzy (@holymackerell )
:sunflower:Bhagyashree (@littlegemfiber.co )
:sunflower:Natalie (@craftedbynatct )
:sunflower: Joon (@the_bald_bee )
:sunflower: Pom (@littlespaceby_p )
:sunflower:Rhi (@yarnrhi )
:sunflower:Jade (@greenbeanz___ )
:sunflower:Lexi (@lexi.handcrafted )


gasp I love this! I adore patchwork blankets and cardigans and am in love with all of the beautifully done cardigans made by everyone :pleading_face::sparkles::two_hearts:


Thank you so much! My testers all did amazingly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s such a creative idea!


thank you sm! I had a blast creating the patches hehe


I just bought your pattern and it’s awesome! Very detailed instructions which is perfect because I’ve never made a sweater/cardigan so I need all the help I can get. (31 yrs crocheting but no clothing until now) I can’t wait to start making one. Thank you so much!


@ExoticCaterpillar oooh thanks so much!! I’m glad you’re liking the pattern so far!! I hope you have fun!