Pattern Sales

Hello. I am new to making patterns and I was just curious on how to advertise my pattern to lots of people to get my first sale. I understand I am not as seen because I only have 1 pattern so far, but what are some tips to get people to buy patterns?


Hi! To get your patterns noticed by people, you could advertise it on other platforms.
Do it where you feel most comfortable doing it. I do alot on instagram with reels because it gets a big audience reach. You would do reels where you just show the object or you could make it funny to make your product talk or you could place the product in diffrent senarios.
It does not happen overnight tho! If you’re more to facebook - do that! Maybe join so yarn-inspo groups and show your making. People will often ask for where the pattern is from and you could link it to Ribblr!
Good luck!


@Kreaida those are some great ideas! I would also suggest just posting things on ribblr like pattern drops when you are about to release a new pattern, and having testers is also a great way to get people interested in your pattern and your shop. good luck!


As was said, lots of advertisement, testing, and it helps if you’ve been posting about the same pattern here and there for a while. It will build up more interest the more often people see it.


I would also suggest advertising on different platforms. Potentially youtube with shorts and then do a full video if you are looking into a having a youtube channel or already have one. You could also do idea pins/ pins on pinterest, and potentially instagram if this is somrthing that you are looking in to again. I’d also suggest getting an etsy account and also offering your patterns there as i feel that more people go to Etsy than Ribblr for paid patterns as it is a more paid site, however tou would have to have a digital PDF version for this. Also make any advertisement aesthetically pleasing with colours that are harmonious and go well together.


I share my Ribblr links on my social media platforms and to friends who crochet too, plus in my yarn shop to my customers.


Do you have patterns for sale on ribblr? When I click your name there’s no shop option. You may need to logout and log back in

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Thank you for noticing that! I just logged out and logged back in. Thank you!

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Thank you for the suggestion! I will be sure to do that.

I will definitely try those out when I get the time

Thank you so much!

I will for sure try that in the future. Thanks!

Thank you for the help!

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