Pattern Set Drop and Promotions: Any Suggestions?

Hey there folks! I’m currently finishing up on my Hades inspired Chthonic Companion pattern drop, which consists of six (!!) individual patterns that I’m planning to release on the 31st. Since they are in a themed set, I wanted some advice on how I can work around the gift feature so I can create a kind of ‘BOGO’ (technically B5GO, hehe) promotion on Ribblr.

I’m going to be releasing both on Ravelry and Ribblr, for $2 CAD each. On the former, I’m going to set up a promotion that allows buyers to get the sixth pattern free if they buy the full set. I want to make this fair by offering the same promotion here, but unfortunately I don’t know if that is a viable option.

However, I am open to letting people message me on Ribblr with proof of purchase of the first five, then I can use the gift feature to give out the sixth pattern in the set as a workaround if/when Ribblr allows you to add discounts/promotions store wide. If I clarified this in the pattern introduction, do you think buyers would be open to/appreciative of the option, or would it be too complicated both on the buyer and seller end? I’m use any kind of suggestions or advice you guys might have - I’d love to know what you guys think of the idea!

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