Pattern Test on Instagram

hello everyone! i just posted my second tester call on instagram after a failed one and would really appreciate it if a couple people could go over and apply :smiling_face: i know that it is quite troublesome but i really wanted to test my first ever pdf since for the next few months i will be growing my account and expanding my business. So please, if you are interested, just spend a few minutes on there if you could :two_hearts: there will be ribblr tests as well but i just want to focus on pdf for this time round. thank you! I really appreciate it :heart:

edit: im nattycrochets on instagram (so sorry! ribblr was not working for me when i posted this and i wasnt able to add)


It would be helpful to add your Instagram :laughing:


I can’t find your ig account :sweat_smile:


um whats ur instagram?

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@nattycrochets on instagram as well! so sorry!!

it should be nattycrochets :slight_smile: i hope it helps!

nattycrochets! so sorry for the inconvenience!

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oh oki! my instagram is @yarnivore.crochets
btw i applied!

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thank you so much!!

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