Pattern Tester Appreciation Post! PATTERN ON SALE NOW

I just had to make an appreciation post for the testers on my newest pattern for the Salt and Pepper Parents!

@myraknits99 @Karpyscrafts creations are featured in the photo above and they left wonderful reviews in their journals :blush: check them out on Instagram as well!

@momsgurl04 made an INCREDIBLY detailed journal with almost every row documented!

Thank you again to these amazing artists! If you have an amigurumi pattern you are about to release I absolutely recommend you check them out!!

If you would like to purchase the pattern I am having a flash sale until the end of the week! Get some childhood nostalgia going! Who thinks I should release the patterns for the whole Spice family?? :eyes: :eyes:


Yes, Spice family!!


First, I’ll say CUTE CUTE CUTE!
Second, I love that you did a tester appreciation post
Third, man the nostalgia! As a teen, I watched this show with my younger brother (11yrs younger), then I got to rewatch it 13 yrs later with my son… Looking forward to rewatching again 12 yrs later with my daughter :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Finally, of course we need the spice family! (Not that I make amigurumi, but I want to see them :wink:)


Awww so cute! Brings me back to my little days :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I loved blues clues!! :two_hearts:


They are adorable! Yes, Spice family!!


It was so fun making/testing this pattern thank you for the opportunity :sob::sparkling_heart: