Pattern Tester Here!

My name is Chair and I would like to be a crochet pattern tester :slight_smile:

I love making crochet plushies using velvet polyester yarn and I would love to help yall out by testing out any patterns yall need :slight_smile:
I am an intermediate crocheted and mostly crochet plushies and small objects, but can be a pattern tester for plus size clothing as well if thats something you need.

This is 100% free and ill give you feedback, crochet it in different materials, decorate it so you can see how it can be used differently, etc. All I would ask is permission to sell the plushie in markets or something like that.

DM me here or email me at :slight_smile:


Hey! Welcome to the community!!! I should have a new pattern to test next week and can send you some more details when I get closer to a tester call and see if you’re interested.


Welcome to the Ribblr community!

All tester calls are in the Testing tab. Keep an eye out There are tester calls every week.


Welcome! :slight_smile:
I have closed the tester call for this pattern

but if you would like to test it I can add you as a tester. The test begins tomorrow (12.11.2022) and ends on 18.11.2022.
I don`t think that it works with velvet yarn…


Welcome! If you look in the testing area you can find a lot of tests and find one(s) that interest you, there’s usually people looking for testers pretty often :smile: