Pattern testers needed <3 -Full-

Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be willing to test my Ivy Lace Afghan pattern :slight_smile: Let me know in the comments! I would like it by 3/1/22 :slight_smile: It is more of an advanced afghan pattern, so be sure you are okay with DTR, Puff V-st, BLO and FLO, and some embellishment on the border that is a little tricky. There is a video tutorial and a chart for the embellishment though :slight_smile: I’m looking for 3 or 4 testers. Please have a public instagram account that is crochet based and be willing to post a finished product photo and tag me in it. I also ask that you ask any questions, give constructive criticism regarding flow, copy (text), photos, anything :slight_smile: Keeping a journal is optional but totally encouraged! Upon completion I will give you 2 patterns for free and send you a finalized PDF version of this one if you want it in that format. <3 I really appreciate it!!


I would love to test but I don’t have an Instagram :slight_smile: