Pattern testers!!

Hello! i’m in need of some pattern tester for a ghost plush i worked up the other day. i just recently worked up the actual pattern and need to make sure it’s good to put out. you’ll need any type of weight yarn i’d like to test worsted and a fluffier type like chenille or blanket yarn. i used barnet baby blanket when making it. any type of hook your comfortable using with the yarn you use is great! i see this pattern as pretty beginner things you do need to know are a magic circle, single crochet, and a half double crochet.


is there a way that we can apply to your test? ribblr has a function where you can manage testing. also is there a due date?

just click this button on the selected pattern. this will make it so testers can apply (adds link) and so you can manage you testers on ribblr


I can test for you. Just go to your shop , the pattern you want tested. You hit the screw beside it & hit post tester call. That will post a link post so people can apply for your pattern!


thank you! i wasn’t aware of that before i posted that​:sweat_smile:! i will do that! and thank you i really appreciate your willingness to test!


i wasn’t aware of that function i’m new to pattern designing and finding tester​:sweat_smile:… but thank you i appreciate your help! i would like them to be done by the end of next week so i’ll close it the 29th!


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