Pattern Testing Issues


Hi everyone. Recently Ive applied for a couple of tests, and ended up getting chosen. I went to check my testing patterns, and see a TON of patterns from the same creator that I wasnt supposed to get. Now, I assume its a glitch with testing, since when you go to accept testers, It only allows you to choose one pattern at a time. Overall, Im confused how I have testing access to a ton of patterns that are already released, and I never applied to test in the first place. I feel that this is an issue that should be addressed sooner than later, as released paid patterns are being accessible through testing. Ive tried to remove the patterns I didnt apply to test, and it tells me that an error occurred, and to contact the creator. This has happened to me twice trying to test patterns, and I hope this isnt happening to my patterns either. Has anyone else had this issue? Im not sure how to fix it.


This means the designer added you as a tester for all their pattern. You need to reach out to them to get removed or clarify if thatโ€™s as intended.

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Okay thank you!

perhaps that feature should prompt the designer, โ€œdo you really want to do that?โ€ before they can add someone to test ALL their patterns.