pattern testing questions

Curious if anyone has tested the new feature for testing with being able to block part of the pattern. Not sure if I block the same for everyone, or if I can change the blocking level per tester.


Curious as to what that accomplishes?
(Not being an a*s, just curious :face_with_monocle:)


Good question. If it is a more complicated pattern it makes more sense. We can just give you a portion of a pattern. Then, if you don’t complete that part as promised, we don’t have to give the complete pattern away. When you finish the first portion, we can let you test the 2nd portion. And onward until done. Make sense?


That totally makes sense!
And is useful!


Hello! I have not yet used this feature myself, but I have been testing a pattern that has this feature! It is the Pride Cardigan, written by @Winternightmare, just in case you would want to talk to them about it! As a tester, I am only able to see what they allow me to see, and I know they use this feature to still develop the pattern as I test it, which seems to work great on both sides!:blush:


How it works is it hides the text from a certain point all the way down for all testers. So far there are no ways to block parts of the pattern for specific people, not that I know of anyway. But it’s a convenient feature to use if you need to rewrite some parts or if some parts are not finished yet!


Thank you for your input. It helps a lot.