pattern/wishlist giveaway ‼️ WINNERS

i’m sorry for the delay. decided i’ll announce the winners in a new post :bangbang: congratulations to all the winners :heart: i will be messaging you all in a little bit, bear with me. if i don’t hear back from you within a week, i will spin the wheel again and announce the new winner :sneezing_face:

without further adu, here are the winners !

:1st_place_medal: first place - @OMLET , @Allir , @Hnnacrochetss

:2nd_place_medal: second place - @Kitsune22 , @Itsfayfay4 , @GamerKat

:3rd_place_medal: third place - @lunarcrochett , @ClaireCrochets247 , @NorahLaugh

congratulations to all the winners :palms_up_together: if you didn’t win, please don’t feel discouraged from entering the next giveaway. i will be holding another one in february for valentine’s day :smiling_face: thank you to everyone who entred! i believe the spin the wheel thing said you had a 2% chance of winning or a 4% chance with the double entry​:see_no_evil:


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