Pattern writing troubles

I’m writing my pattern for my dragon plushie (image below), and I’m almost finished with it but I just thought of a way to attach the legs that is different from how I’m doing it now but in order to test it and get the right stitch placement I’ll have to make another one. I don’t know what I do, do I test the new way out or do I keep my old way and finish the pattern sooner? I need help


Will the new way improve the look significantly or decrease sewing? If so, I would say yes, I’d say make it again, because people tend to be attracted to patterns that are lower sew or look neatly done, although the dragon looks awesome now!


It would make it lower sewing with having to see on just the facial details, horns, wings and tail flourish


If you’ve only made it once so far, make another with the new style. If it would just make it lower sew, I think thats up to you.

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