Hello everyone I hope you are all well…

Been struggling for a few days now trying to decide which is better.

A) Pattern that requires “sewing down” a few parts that are already attached with Options to omit sewing down making it even more low sew.?

B) Low sew with no options to omit.?

I’m worried I’m adding too many options/tips making the pattern seem really long.

I then made another pattern today and then realized I can make it no sew :see_no_evil:

Is it better to have 2 separate patterns one sew and one no sew.?
And how would you price them.?

Or is it better to combine the 2.?

If you choose to combine would you put both options together.?

Or do the first option and say
Example: scroll down for option 2.? (Not many like scrolling up and down :see_no_evil:)

Then would you say follow the pattern from here to here or put in the full 2nd option.?

Sorry I know it’s alot of questions :see_no_evil: I guess I’m trying to accommodate for everyone :hugs:

Thank you for any and all help I really appreciate it


I think you could place them a 2 for 1 with a little more than a single pattern. This gives the customer to create the one they want. Or not. It would be in the hands of the beholder

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Thank you :hugs:

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