Patterns For You Guys? 🩷🫶🏼

Hey everyone! So basically i’ve been debating on whether or not i should add clothing patterns on Ribblr as well as my amigurumi ones. Things like tops, cardis, and sweaters. and THEN i started to wonder to myself… what do you guys love the most? which types of patterns would YOU prefer i make?

Of course, i would keep making my amigurumi along with other things as well. and i always care about what you guys’ like to have patterns for of course! so im just wondering; should i add more types of things (and keep doing amigurumi too) or just stick to only amigurumi? you guys vote!

  • Tops
  • Sweaters
  • Cardigans
  • Just stick to amigurumi only
  • Decor
  • Other (lmk in comments)
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Honestly I’d love anything you choose to make :upside_down_face: I personally enjoy making clothes, decor, and amigurumi, but i would like to see sweaters or cardigans especially cause were getting closer to the colder months!


I think you should just have fun and explore!
I love to try new things and even mix them together. I have a skull scarf which has amigurumi elements to it.

I don’t think you can go wrong as long as you do whatever speaks to you.

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I’m excited to see what you do! :grin:


i love your patterns either way :heart:
I chose tops and cardigans, cuz i feel ribblr is stuffed full of amigurumi lol


I can’t wait to see your next patterns!! :eyes:


thank you so much!