Patterns! (Plus extra so like pls read the whole thing thanks okay bye)

Hey guys! You’ve been seeing a lot of posts with me lately, havent you. >:D
Anyway, I had a question about publishing patterns? So, it looked like there was a fee for each sale, but like…
The patterns would be free.
So, would I still have to pay the fee?
Thaaaaaaannnkkkksssss <3
(Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of these daily question thingys, I might do something similar? But it would be with like a quick project or a challenge or something. Idk, would anybody be interested in something like that since there’s already so many daily things?)

  • Yeah that would be neat :slight_smile:
  • Nah, we don’t need another one
  • I already commented my opinion lol
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Look here :D

Thanks guys ☆:heart::heart::heart:


Hello! There is no fee if you’re selling your patterns for free, but if you were going to do paid patterns, there would be a fee. :smiling_face: