Paying it Forward (Tysm for 50!)

I wanted to do something similar to what @chunkyy did for their celebration for 100 (Congrats on that btw!) But for 50 shop followers, and just bringing it to the attention of all of the people in the ribblr community all together!

Here’s a couple people I want to shout out, even though I have not been in the friend group/have known them for an incredibly long time, they are still my friends, and I am forever grateful of them.

@ccloudyy - Thank you so much for being my first friend on here! You are so funny and quirky and I am very happy to call you my friend <3 You have taken me under your wing at the start of my journey with all of you, and I will forever hold a piece of you in my heart for that :,)

@LittleCreatures - You were the second person that I connected with on here! You have always been so funny, passionate, kind, and also real about what is going on in the world and in general!

@KenzieKrochet - I wouldn’t say that I have know you as long as everyone else, but I would say that I have known you long enough to consider you my friend! Alike Ollie, you have always been very patient and kind. Your always there when someone needs a friend, and haven’t been afraid to reach out!

@DasChubba - you were one of the first people to be accepting of me in the friend group, which is something that I will forever appreciate! You have always been so quirky and fun, and funny in general! Ribblr wouldn’t be the same without you cube <3

@CozyCrochett - me and you haven’t been friends for too long, but I can definitely feel our friendship blossoming! I’m excited to get to know you more!

Thank you to all of the lovely, lovely people in this community for making it what it is. Ribblr is a home for all crafters, and these people have made me feel like ribblr is my permanent online vacation home. Seriously, go show these amazing people some love! I know that I haven’t known you guys as long as others have known you, but ily guys so much! You guys mean the world to me to be able to call all of you my friends!!


congratulations on 50 followers!! Hoping you get many more <3


Congratulations! :partying_face:


Tysm fawwn ;-; congrats on 50 followers gl i hope u get many moreeeee <3


fawwn, or aclownthatcrochets eheh-
Anywhos, your so kind, and im grateful to be your friend!! I love your patterns and truely believe, even though youve been part of the community so short, it wouldnt be the same without you <3


Whoo hoooo! Congratulations!
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Omg this is so sweet :sob:
I totally consider you my friend! I’m so glad you’ve joined our group and wacky convos lol. You’re so nice and fun to talk to, I hope we can become even better friends! <33


50 up to 100 congrats :tada: :tada:


:sparkles: Congratulations! :sparkles:


Aw! Fawn, your so nice! That really made my day <3


congrats on 50! :partying_face:


Ahhhh congrats!! :tada: you are so sweet and friendly I feel like I’ve known you for a while lol because we just talk about randomness and get along so well I hope I can get to know you better!!! :sparkling_heart::partying_face::star_struck::grin: