Payment method as donation to Ucraina help foundations

I’m new in this world and still preparing my first patterns to be uploaded but, with everything going on right now in Ucraina, I would like to know if it would be possible to upload a pattern and set up as payment method a direct link to a donation organization or similar (like Unicef or Croce Rossa Italiana - I’m Italian and I know they are sending trucks with help in Ucraina). Is it possible? And if so, how to do it?
Thank you!


We definitely applaud your efforts in raising donations!

Unfortunately, there’s no viable way to achieve a direct payment to other people. We recommend collecting multiple payments and donating it all together, this way you have direct link to the charity.


Ok, thank you. I just thought it would have been better with a direct link so people would have seen in person the donation. Anyway, I’ll try to prepare something as I can.
Thanks again!