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I have two different cards that are both consistently used through my daily life and neither of them work for this app. At least from what I can understand some patterns accept my debit but a majority don’t on this site :frowning: most of the time I try to message or find the creator on another platform but I really want this pattern and neither my debit card NOR my credit card through Apple Pay and entered manually have worked. I’m just unsure why this app would not accept these cards when one of them is a major credit card company through Apple Pay which is said to work on this app.


This is certainly something that the @Ribblr team will have to help you with since the designers have nothing to do with payments. Someone should jump in soon to help.


Not sure if you have international purchases enabled or not, as thay could be a possible issue. That happened to me a while back when I tried to purchase from designers outside of mt country.


If the designers are based somewhere outside your country your bank might decline it. Otherwise there shouldn’t be any issues using debit cards on Ribblr.
Can you send us the specific pattern and details via private message? We’ll dig deeper tod ins out for you!


One of my credit cards didn’t like it when I tried buying a knitting kit from a Canadian vendor at a local fiber event (the event was in my local area here in California). The issuing bank, my credit union, told me that Canadian transactions were suspicious because of a high incidence of fraud. I had to mail the vendor a personal check

So I’d chat with the issuing bank of your cards to see if they have some issue with Stripe


Thanks for sharing!

Banks normally detect unusual transactions - you’re completely right. (and that’s a good thing!)
So they sometimes might block a transaction if you are trying to purchase from an international vendor, in Ribblr’s instance we have designers from 50+ countries so you might, for example, be attempting to buy a pattern from a designer in Malaysia and you’ve never paid a business there, therefore your bank may flag it.

We will be making changes to payments in the coming months to better facilitate transactions and support designers further.


I know so many have been waiting for this… Thank you!


I’m just trying to let people know that sometimes Stripe (or PayPal) isn’t the issue it is on the banks side. Also banking laws come into play as well. Sanctions against Russian transactions due to the conflict in the Ukraine for example. US customers can’t buy things from Russian vendors right now. Maybe the UK has a similar sanction against Russia going on too.


Ok good to know! Sorry for the late reply but these are all very helpful!

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