I am still learning about this lovely website and wanted to add my first pattern which has been tested for sale. The only option is stripe which I don’t have, can I use paypal?
Or can paypal be added not only to sell but also to buy patterns.
Many thanks Claire


Unfortunately the only payment option so far is Stripe!


Stripe is great! Much cheaper (payment fees are as low as 1.2%+20p/30c), better looking and overall more modern and robust compared to PayPal- I highly recommend signing up for a free account.


Unfortunately they only use stripe. Hopefully they add other options in future. It is frustrating not being able to sell my patterns.


Stripe is really easy to set up! It seems quite secure in means of it being linked to your bank…At first it was kind of a put off, but once I decided to go for it, it was pretty easy

And if you’re parents arent comfortable with it, you can let them research ribblr and stripe and see if they’re comfortable [you can always set up another bank acc if you arent comfortable having it linked to your own] :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can always try etsy and sell patterns in PDF forms…they use paypal! (And you can still make your patterns in ribbuild)

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I may be wrong, but I think you can link Stripe to other things besides a bank account…like google pay, apple pay, credit cards, debit cards, the dummy card your bank can generate for you for this purpose. But if you do a little research, Stripe is highly reputable and getting larger. I have been happier with Stripe than I was with Square with my old business.


You could also set up a shop on Ravelry, that requires you to link a paypal to sell patterns. I don’t know about fees that may be attached to it though, as I haven’t been able to log into my paypal for years, and therefore don’t use it.


I am working on connecting stripe but this has come up:

Ribblr will be able to see your account data (such as all payment and payout history), including any data created by other businesses you’ve connected. They’ll also be able to create new payments and take other actions for you.

Does this sound OK?
thanks Claire

ribblr has to be able to see those so that they can (for example) make sure that designers get royalty payments from makes that have sold. They also have to take their fees which requires them to have some knowledge of your purchases and sales. They also need to be able to see your purchases in order to issue refunds. They will not have your actual bank info to be able to buy things with your account.