PDF patterns required

Hi, how can I get a ribblr pattern into pdf… Can anyone help me pls…
I require PDF patterns as they are easy to refer to and used to pdfs so its preferable.


I’m a little confused on the question, are you trying to put your Ribblr patterns into a PDF? In your shop manager there should be a little gear I believe that will convert your patterns into PDFs

Or are you asking for the patterns you own by other creators to be in PDF form? Some cases designers will make and put their PDF in their Ribblr pattern or will direct to a place where they have a PDF pattern available, you can ask designers if they’re willing to share a PDF of their pattern, but it’s ultimately up to them whether they choose to


Hello, part of the advantages of Ribblr is that they have their own system for patterns so that pdfs are not required. It’s an attempt towards reducing the piracy and theft of patterns, as pdfs are easily copied and reproduced (pinterest is rife with images that people have taken of pdfs and posted, some even still including the “please do not copy” on them). However there is still the option for creators on Ribblr to include a pdf of their pattern if they choose to do so, but it is not automatically available.


No system is infallible.

People do screenshots then post them on Pinterest or Facebook and pass them off as their own. Or sell them on eBay or Etsy. You can’t really win

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Ok. Thanks everyone for your prompt response.

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