PDF printable/downloadable availability

Hello Ribblr friends AND @Ribblr ,

I really am enjoying using the Ribblr application … reading posts, anticipating new feature drops, browsing the shops and playing around with the idea of listing some of my own designs. I really appreciate the support of the amazing members.

I’d like to purchase many, many of the patterns listed in the shops; however, what stops me is the dependency of having to use any app to access my purchased patterns. I’ve had a couple of terrible experiences where apps were shut-down, sold, or “ended” and all the patterns purchased were lost forever…literally hundreds of dollars in books & patterns!

I like the convenience of Ribblr features, but actually downloading a digital copy to my personal storage space is now essential to me. So, as several of you have noticed, I message you, the seller, before purchasing to discover if a PDF printable version is available, when a quick look at the description could be sufficient to make my decision(s).

As Ribblr grows, I’ve also noticed that the servers are getting slower, so I hesitate to use the app to send these messages, not wanting to contribute to jamming the circuits (lol) with my private messages to sellers.

That said, I think it would be VERY NICE to include an area from within the descriptions for sellers to maybe just check a box, if they offer the PDF file of each pattern. I know its a lot to expect everyone to type it in every description; so, if Ribbuild could just supply a checking box would make it really easy. What do y’all think?


I do understand why the formatting is done in the manner it is, though I also prefer to download my paid patterns to a private drive. I have only added free ones to my library so far except ones I was gifted as a tester due to this hesitation.


I will say, i’ve purchased both paid and free patterns. I love the ability to keep it online only, and understand the versatility there.

I will say though, if there is an opt in option, it may be nice to have PDF available as the site grows to make it more attractive to others.

I know PLENTY of crocheters and knitters who wont use the app simply because they cant use it offline. For instance, when traveling its near impossible for me to boot up the patterns if not connected to wifi due to my atrocious reception, so I often find myself using other platforms to get PDFs.

I know what makes Ribblr unique is the e pattern and ribbuild, but from my perspective its both a better investment into the future and for access to more potential consumers to allow a PDF opt in, or PDF version of Ribblr instructions for download.


I prefer the pdf as well. There has been multiple times when I can’t access any of my patterns, it can be so frustrating. Wifi isn’t always available, so if I’m working on a pattern, and don’t have internet I have to put it on hold until I can access the app again.


Thanks for sharing!

Our stand has always been that PDF is an image file format that doesn’t serve patterns well. And so Ribblr ePattern is a way to enhance the design and bring an amazing, unmatched experience for crafters. The vast majority of people who tried it fell in love with it, whether it’s for smart sizing, tracking progress, video tutorials, auto conversion or all together.

I agree that accessing patterns offline is harder - and we need to improve on that front. It’s a pretty complex task because we don’t want to compromise on all the empowering tools we’ve built.

With that in mind, and as we grow and learn how to tackle it better, it’s important to note that whilst we are revolutionizing patterns, Ribblr is much more than just a place to get patterns! They are welcome to join us for free and enjoy everything we have to offer- test, design, sell, get inspired, and of course interact with other crafters!

Edit: Lastly, as for the downloading part because I realized I forgot to reply to it. I understand some people feel more comfortable owning a file vs their account, however this beats the purpose of providing a better experience whilst protecting our designers. So we do give designers the option to add a PDF to their patterns, and even let them generate one if they prefer to sell that too, but it’s their choice.

Hope this provides some value/insights on how we’re thinking about this.


Great points overall :slight_smile: But offline does have an advantage (for the reasons others have mentioned above).
Maybe an idea could be to look at how some libraries do things with e-books and such? Then it’s available offline but disappears after a set amount of days, and only in the app :smiling_face:
Just popped in to say that!


Currently you can access your patterns offline, though you have to start by opening it online first otherwise your progress won’t be saved.

You’re not wrong there! However Ribblr ePattern is far more complex as we have lots of interactive features built into the patterns - translation, conversion, video tutorials, journals, counters, doodle, tracking progress, smart sizing… I could probably go on! we do lots of work in the background to make the experience smooth (even when it doesn’t feel like it!) and so we’re trying not to compromise on that.


I agree that the program is great, for all the features you speak of. My intent was not to change anything that already exists, but to make it an easier task, for sellers, buyers, makers & designers to have the PDF availability more readily known, by adding simple “boolean” check box within the Rib-Build program to indicate if that designer actually offers the PDF file format. For example, “check this box if PDF file is also available □.”
Then, when reading description of said pattern it could simply say, “PDF also available” IF the seller/designer checked the box.

Taking a stand (e.g. "Our stand has always been …) against an extremely popular file format is your choice but that makes me wonder if there is something underlying this choice not to include a silly check box to make it easier for your users to discover availability of a downloadable/saveable/printable copy of a pattern/tutorial.

I am part of the "vast majority of people who trued it, fell in love with the Ribblr features and continue to use it for, as you said, much more than just a place to buy patterns. In fact, because its time consuming to discover if printable/downloadable/saveable files are available, I continue to hesitate in making purchases from your sellers/designers or post my own designs.

Im sorry you feel I was trying to possibly “compromise on all the empowering tools” you’ve built by suggesting a yes or no check box.



Thanks for your input!

Ribblr is not against it at all, it’s as simple as believing that we as crafters deserve a format that can enable features that empowers us in our making journey. Unfortunately we cannot provide these tools in a PDF or any other image format. Otherwise we would have!

With that in mind as mentioned you can add a PDF to your pattern and most that do mention it in their pattern description.
For example:

A checkbox is an interesting idea which will definitely be considered by our product team. I can see your suggestion was logged by our team prior to my respond :blush:


Fantastic. I was hoping I didnt offend!!