People who sell their makes, I have a question:

Hi, hello, hiya, howdy, and hola! I have a question for those of you out there who sell your makes because I am genuinely curious: have you ever sold a make on Ribblr? And how long did it take?


I’ve never sold a make, I don’t really understand how to either


I have not sold a make. They are super confusing and I’m not sure a whole lot of people actually buy them.


Ive never sold on ribblr and i dont think its very intuitive , i was confused when i first started and its slithgly odd how it works, on top of the fact that most of us here are because we already make stuff ourselves it just doesnt seem like a good selling platform
I sell most of my stuff on my own website or at in person markets, in person i sell a lot more than i do online! people love to be able to physically see and feel the items theyre going to buy especially something homemade!


I’m not inclined to sell makes Barely have time to work on them, have no time for taking them to the post office. Nor am I interested in selling things in general

But Ribblr’s help center has general information on how to do it

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I was just thinking about this, so I’m glad to see someone else started the topic!
I wonder how many makes are sold on here since most people who use the app are crafty themselves and come here to buy or sell patterns.
I’m wondering if maybe someone who crochets but doesn’t knit (and vice versa) would buy things that are of the opposite craft?:thinking:
Or maybe when the original designer sells their makes? (I know there’s some amigurumi made by the designer that I would love to own!:face_holding_back_tears:).

If anyone has bought or sold your makes on here, please spill the tea! I’m super curious!:sparkling_heart:

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I sell most of mine in person too!
I also have an Etsy shop, but that’s mainly for my hats. My amigurumi are often too unique to replicate and it’s a pain to take photos of every single one​:rofl:


I’ve never sold on ribblr I’ve sold on Etsy and I’ve made 22 sales since December!! Hope this helps xx (I use different keywords in my listing to allow my items to reach many people

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