Photo tips!

Hi everyone! I just moved to a new apartment that has very little natural lighting which makes it hard for my photos. I don’t mind going outside to take them but it’s harder when I make blankets or garland to display. How have people combatted this? Any tips?


I would suggest some kind of light, I often finish my projects at night, and my room doesn’t get much natural light during the day, so I often use a bright LED to take my photos. Usually what I’m photographing is small, so a small usb book lamp works just fine in my case. However you could probably invest in one of those tripod lamps for your photography, I imagine there will be plenty of options for sale around this time of year for Black Friday. If you want to get super fancy, I was looking at tons of backdrops available on Amazon for photography that can be hung up as well, then you could set up the blanket in front of it for some photos. Or your props for hanging the garland, unless you have an actual mantle to take those on.
Just what I would do in your situation, but you don’t have to have the best stuff for photos. A decent phone and a good photo editing app can go pretty far on its own.


Ohhh congrats on your new apartment!!!
Amazon for an adjustable ring light or a
light box depending on how big the items are you photograph. Some even use actual photographers light stands which do project a bright light. Now if you don’t have a lot of room the ring light would be your best bet. Usually they have three light settings and a dimmer remote.
If you use your phone you can get little lens clips as well the macro lens helps blur the background out.
I use canva and phonto apps to add watermarks.
I so far haven’t found an app to erase the background for free.


I like to use Adobes png maker for removing background, Its also completely free! :blush:


congrats on the new place. I’m having this issue myself >_> good luck with everything! I feel like with the complexity of blankets/garland, it might be better with video (if the platform permits it; I know etsy actually prefers video in the listing.
I haven’t explored ribblr tho).

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Oh thank you

For blankets and garlands here’s a suggested idea.
Can you somehow make a prop rack out of pipe for the blankets or lay them on the floor and delete the background?
If I didn’t have a mantle I’d of gotten my hubby to make me a faux fireplace to display those. I realize space can be limited however if you can figure out a idea you can pull apart and store easier that may work.

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Flash, and then background removal. Then some basic editing of light, brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights editing. I have an iPhone so it’s all really easy there. I don’t know what it’s like on other phones but I imagine if you have a modern phone you can do all that super easily too :blush: