Piggy pattern poll!

Hey everyone! I made this piggy and I’m going to test and release it soon but I have something I can’t decide on so I thought I’d see what you all thought! Originally the plan was to add two black lines on the nose but now that it’s done I think it might overwhelm the eyes a bit if I did.

I’m not sure, let me know if you think I should add the nose holes or not in the poll below

  • Keep the nose the same
  • Add nose lines/holes
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Thanks everyone!


I think it depends on the weight of the yarn/fiber like if you were going to use worsted acrylic for example. I say embroider the nose first to see how to looks, if you don’t like it, remove it. If you planned on using felt as well I would also do the same process of testing it and deciding to keep or remove it :smile:


Yeah you’re right, I was planning on trying some chenille to match the body if I did it, I’m just super indecisive with stuff like this haha


I think its cute! If you dont wanna do the yarn for the nose. U could always make 2 divots for the nose holes to make it look sunk in. See if you like it. If not its okay like this :heartbeat:


The great thing about yarn is that nothing is permantent unless you want it to be. So you could just try sewing some on while keeping the yarn ends loose, and if you don’t like it you can just pull them out :slight_smile: I think it’s cute as it is, but I think it would be cute with nostrils too. If you think black would overpower the eyes, you can always try with a darker pink instead (if you have it) :smiling_face:


Like @ArtsAndNaps said, I think it also depends on the yarn size. I would recommend not doing circles for the nose, but instead doing little slits, so just little black lines, which might prevent overwhelming the eyes, and I would also recommend doing it in a smaller weight than the chenille yarn.


Yeah I was planning on slits if I did it, I was just worried that it would still be too much cause the eyes are so small. I tried bigger eyes but it just didn’t look right, these are my favorite. Tonight I’ll try the nose and see what happens