Pinterest! <3

I finally made the executive decision to make a Pinterest account for Lunar Crochet! There I will be posting boards, and just giving you inspiration.
I’d also like to take the time to post updates there as well, and just give you a glimpse into other hobbies other than crochet.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to lmk or PM me.

I’d really appreciate the feedback, and if you’d like to go follow me, here is the invite link!
(if any issues occur, let me know)

((also big thank you to @ribblr for adding a Pinterest link location for our profiles))

I wanted to also give a huge thank you for 4.3k shop followers! You all are amazing, and I appreciate it so so much!!

hope to see you there!

santa claus cat GIF by Pusheen


I followed you :DD


Thank youuu! <3


Just followed :))


I tried to follow you but it said profile is private

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you can still follow with the link i provided!

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