Plane Ride

Hey! Sorry if this sounds stupid, but what are the best things to crochet on a long plane ride? I don’t want to bring my whole bag of yarn and I have trouble with sticking with something. I always start something new before I finish! So if you have any suggestions that only use a few materials please let me know!


Granny square blanket ? Like a continuous square
Or something that uses a yarn that changes color. I’d say a something that will take slightly longer.


Make a small doll?


Same! I can’t totally focus on a plane, so I can’t do anything with lots of little pieces or complicated instructions.

Granny squares (or #Ad my granny style hexagon) are repetitive enough not to have to think too hard if you don’t mind making more before/after traveling and wana make a blanket or rug out of them.

Maybe something practical like face scurbbies? Hmmm tricky topic…


You could always make a scarf! Simple, takes some time, but easy.


I can’t travel anywhere w/o a project. The only reason I like car/plane rides it that I get to crochet the whole way. Have crochet will travel :yarn: This is where WIPs come in handy. You know the ones we start but never finish (as long as it is not to bulky). Forces you to finish what you started. OR always a good reason to buy new yarn and make something you always wanted to make but kept putting off.


you could make a granny square cardigan for fall! there are patterns for a continuous granny square cardi instead of making a bunch and connecting them, so you could bring a few skeins of yarn and start that! here’s a really cute free pattern!