Please help

I’m having this crochet block (not knowing what to create) I’m having a hard time figuring out what to make


I took a break from crocheting before when I didn’t know what to make. I also did take requests from friends. You could take an animal and mix it with food or something like a plant. I had this sketchbook where I made a bunch of drawings of animals as foods. For example like a cotton candy sheep. I think it would be really cute crocheted. I also make plants, and I enjoy making them I find it fun. You could make something you find fun to make or make other animals like your leggy deer you made.


True… thank you so much


How about you make a frog? Or you can sign up for a tester call :slight_smile:


I can make one


I… had a crocheting block for… sigh 2 Almsot 3 years… being that my total years including the break being 4, that’s a lot… the only resean I started to crochet again is because of my friend. He knew I could crochet, and he asked me if I would make him this cute car he found. I agreed and then started making it. untill I ran out of yarn, and I couldn’t find it anywhere do to the lack of dye in the store ones (even from the same company) so I couldn’t finish, I still have the body of the cat. I’ma try to finish it sometime next year due to my dead lines (hate 'em or love 'em, we all have them.) so just try to make something for your friends! Or family- or a animal. OR ANYTHING. Just keep going, and going, and going, untill you run out of yarn… or more realistic sleep-


how about a pumpkin? those are cute and i think fairly simple

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When nothing I have is appealing, I scroll through patterns and I almost always find something b that I get excited about,
Also, I only pick out small projects at first so I can get that sense of accomplishment.
Another thing I do, if I feel guilty about my WIPS. I get one out that I can finish quickly WHILE I am working on the one I’m excited about.
The other thing about the WIP pile get rid of the projects that you don’t like doing
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  • frog it, throw it away, donate it, burn it. Whatever- just unload it it’s a relief!!

You should do hanging vines!! Maybe add flowers? If u know what I mean (not a plant). There is one other on Ribblr I’ve seen but I would love <3 just a suggestion :}