Please make it so we can have a back button

I find it irritating when I click crochet to browse patterns, click one I want to look at and then I have no way to get back to where I was browsing and have to start all over again from the beginning. Same when browsing the community.


Yes!!! That would be awesome on the app.

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Hi there!
You should definitely be able to go back to your previous browsing position if you use your device’s back gesture.
On iOS and most Android devices (Android 9-11) that’s swiping from the left. If you are on Android and use the old navigation system (Android 5-8) simply click the back button on the navigation menu.

We remember your previous search location so the page should be right at that position when you go back.

Hope this helps! However, if this does not resolve your issue please let us know and we’ll assist you further. :blush:


I just tried that on my iPad and it takes me back to the home page of the app, not where I was browsing the crochet patterns. I have to click crochet again and scroll to where I was previously! :tired_face:


That sounds strange! As long as you swipe to go back on, and you are using the app it should work.
Can you please send us a private message with the device your iPad model, the iOS version and if possible - can you upload a short video to imgur and attach it too?

We’ll investigate it further and do our very best to solve it asap for you.


It works now!! Don’t know what the deal was earlier but now when I swipe from the left, it goes back to where I was!! Yay! Thanks so much!!


Awesome! Happy to hear that.
Feel free to report any issues you may have. We’re always here to help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: