Please read!

Hello everyone! Christmas is coming which means that a lot of people will be buying pets for Christmas presents and I wanted to shed some perspective on the situation. Please do NOT ever get a pet for someone unless they know you are going to, they or the both of you have done immense amount of research on proper care and the animal has a proper enriching enclosure set up for them.

First off NEVER buy an animal from a pet store! If you have any questions on the subject let me know.

Secondly I see a lot of times parents will get a hamster, mice, gerbils, bunnies, etc. For their children for christmas which in my opinion isn’t ideal, keep in mind the commitment you are making all of the animals listed above have lots of needs that often arent met. If you want to get your child or anyone you know a pet reconsider and ask yourself

  1. Does the person im getting them for know the plan?

  2. Have they done research on proper care?

  3. Have they set up a proper and enriching enclosure specific to that animal?

  4. Are they ready and capable of caring for this animal?

  5. Is everyone in the house ok with bringing in a new animal?

  6. And lastly if you are getting this pet for a child, am i willing to help, care and clean up for this animal?

Thank you so much for reading this and please think long and hard on it, it means a lot to me that you read through this. Again if you have any questions at all let me know i would be more then happy to answer them. Merry Christmas :santa: :christmas_tree: :heart:


ahem say it louder for the people in the BACK! agreed!


This is so true! Pets require a lot of supplies and attention and most people don’t take that into consideration. It’s a big deal


One year I got a hamster for my birthday and it was completely my idea. we went to petsmart because we needed to get something for my dog and I saw the hamsters and I managed to convince my mom to get it for my birthday


There are 3 other points id like to make and 1 i already talked about but would like to Re-emphasize the importance

  1. Impulse purchases arent good at all either!
  2. Most reputable breeders of pets will actually stop selling babies around christmas due to fear of them becoming christmas presents
  3. Crittertrails, Tinytails, Habittrails, Fullcheeks, etc. Are not acceptable and cruel to any animal.
  4. PLEASE do not buy animals from a pet store!!! I haven’t supported and barely walked into a pet store that sells live animals almost all year. I can link a youtube video about the reality of chain pet stores but its a bit graphic at the beginning.

I know this is a lot but its a big problem and i intend to spend my life dedicated to it, so thank you again for reading this.

Here is a list of good reputable sources to proper care on youtube

Rats, mice
Emiology and Faithfulrattos (Faithfulrattos is only a rat youtuber)

Guinea pigs

Hamsters, bunnies
Victoria raechel


Very much true! I 100% agree with you. Another big thing that I advocate on is the proper care of fish. They don’t deserve to be disregarded and put into tiny bowls and tanks. Actually know what you’re doing before you torture a helpless fish. This is the same for animals, too like you’re saying!


I’m an animal lover with 6 dogs 3 turtles and 3 tortoises plus a snake and a few feral cats that we feed in the winter! It’s a lot of work for that many animals and there are 6 people working to keep our animals safe and healthy! One animal is a big responsibility even for one person! Keep this in mind this time of year!!! Lots of love :heart:


Yee… i got a rescued kitty for my bday from my best friend and she was legit shocked i wasnt excited. (I kept her and i love her) but damnnn thats a huge responsibility, you cant just give people little babies. Also my cat is a heccin gremlin she is an absolute MENACE lmaooo.


Another great youtuber for bunnies! Lennon the rabbit or lennon the bunny cant remember the excact name but she helped my family when we got our bunny!!


This is so true! I see people getting pets for presents and those pets generally don’t get all the attention they need.
I also see people get pets from pet stores or breeders when the best place to get pets are rescues.

There’s someone who makes art about this stuff and it’s so sad but so needed. They’re called “The Loving Reaper” on Pinterest( you should look at there stuff maybe)