Plush clinic, how to patch up

Hello everyone,

I might have a bit of a stupid question.
My grandma knitted me this crocodile when I was born (she did so for all her grandchildren) and he’s been with me ever since.
He survived my childhood, my younger siblings, several relocations, and so far both of my children, but it’s time for a visit to the “plush clinic” so he can get patched up and then come play with the girls some more.

Now, I am not a knitter, I crochet (and also exclusively amigurumi), so I don’t know how I could fix those holes so it won’t stand out too much. Even if they were to stand out I actually don’t really mind, i just don’t want him to unravel any further.
How do I do this?

Any suggestions, please?


For the small one in the third picture you can try this
download (8)

For the bigger ones, I would secure the ends and put a little patch over. You can crochet patches or use fabric squares.
Alternatively you could replace the feet and just crochet that bit fully.


Well, of course my first instinct is to tell you to take it to a knitter. But since you are not ignorant about yarn, I think you can do this.
I’ll include a tutorial link for the small holes, so I’m only going to address the larger holes and you can use the same small hole technique to invisibly attach them.

It is possible to mimic knitting with a crochet hook, it’s used in some crochet cable work and would be perfect for this, so I’ll include a link for that as well,just ignore the twisting part. otherwise, you’ll just make a patch with any mock knit stitch.


This is a great question!!


Thanks so much for the replies, and including pictures and videos.
I’m so happy, I’ll try my best :relaxed::heart: