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Gauge of maker’s decision making on purchase of paid patterns.

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Does the quality of a designers’ free pattern influence your decision to buy a paid pattern from same designer?


I would add your question above the poll. Just me though.

Also, the quality to me consists of the correct use of the ribblr platform. I have several free patterns that do not utilize it (almost at all). I do give leniency to everyone to make the pattern their own. So may be just me. But because of this, I would prefer a way to mark the patterns I will never follow, or delete them. :frowning:


Actually yeah if they have both free and paid I always get the free one just to see how it’s written, among other things etc


I work so freaking hard to get the patterns into the system correctly so that all the features can be used and it all makes sense… It irks me to no end to see copy paste garbage.


I don’t even mind copy paste. As long as they check it themselves first …
Testing can catch stuff, but like I have seen said before, “I don’t want to re-write someone else’s pattern”.
This platform is amazing. There are things that need fixed, but overall it is wonderful. The instructions are (usually) there to help us all, but nothing helps if it isn’t utilized.


What I’m talking about is when they take a pattern written with all the varients written out as if it were just apdf, not the way the program wants, so it tries to format it and some things get doubled and some things get translated oddly because they did not actually take the time to type in the proper format for sizes and stitch library and often things are jumbled when they try to put in the US/UK instructions instead of letting the translator do it and it shows up double. None of these may be an issue if you’re doing ami, but I have proofed patterns that were pretty much unusable because of it.


Yeah, I think we’re saying the same, only different. Check your patterns first every one!


Keep it coming my fiber artists! Knitters too! Nalbinders! Seamstress! Tunisian! Anyone who works with a pattern!


30 voters!! With 29 of votes stating that YES, the quality of the free pattern influences the decision to buy patterns.
Specifically, if the free pattern by a designer is of poor quality then the maker will not buy a pattern from same designer.

I’m pleased to hear this, this is what I have been forced to do when deciding to buy a pattern.

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