Posted 2/12/23 & closes 2/18/23: Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Little Anatomical Heart

I need testers for my Little Anatomical Heart - pattern-Crochet ePattern

Looking for 3 to 5 testers
For this quick make

Will choose testers between 2/14& 2/16
Due date: 2/20/23

Must make a public journal of your make
Journals must be started with in two days of being added to testers (this can be a photo of your supplies and when you plan on starting if you can not start the project in those two days, a finished photo must be in your journal by 2/28/23)

You will need 2 colors of yarn, a little bit of stuffing, two googly eyes or what ever you want to use for eyes. And two hooks (5.00mm & 3.00mm) is what I used)

Please comment below if you would like to test this heart :heart:


Well, that is extremely interesting! In a good way. :heart::heart:


There is no February 30th​:hugs: I will test it though.


Ohhhh that is such a cool idea! Good luck with tesitng.


:joy: :rofl: you are right!
Lol. Why I should not make post late at night :rofl:

I’ll let you know when I update it & add testers!

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@Jessica88 I’ll add you to testers tomorrow when I get off work :blush:

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I’d love to test! I’m going through nursing school so it’s right up my alley!


@Jessica88 and @Thecozystitchwitch you have been added to testers. I look forward to seeing your projects. also just an FYI i am US PST, but will answer any direct message as soon as I can.
thank you for volunteering to test


If you still need testers, I’d like to try this. Any specific yarn requirements?
I’m new to Ribblr, so hope I do this right - journaling and such.



I used acrylic worsted weight and a 5.00mm and 3.00mm hook

You can use any color and yarn you would like, if you use something other than a 4weight yarn you’ll need to adjust your hook size to match your yarn size.

The journals have a private and public setting. If it is set to private I can’t see it. Please have it set to public.

I’ll add you as a tester now :blush:

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Hi if your still looking for testers I would love the chance to test your pattern. I would like to try it using Bernat Blanket yarn if that would work with your patterns

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Would you like the leaders to close this topic?



@Southernmamacrocheter would love to see how it works with blanket yarn.
Will add you to testers now