Present Ideas?

Hey guys! (this is my first post wish me luck) I was just wondering if you had any ideas for gifts, specifically for Dad’s, but anyone’s fine. I’m trying to find something that’s useful, but not boring. Thanks!


I second this on the dad “guy gifts” ! Theyre so much harder to think of because there are not many patterns for them as there are girls tbh.

But! I made my dad a stocking hat last christmas & my mom some mittens!

Other gift ideas:

•Granny square bags! Theyre quick & easy. You can take 2 squares and make a bag or you can make a bigger bag with 13 squares! Theyre very versatile :slight_smile:

• Scarves & sweaters

• Headbands. Almost anytype of accessory you can make

• Book covers or sunglasses holders

• Little pumpkins for fall decor


Maybe a coffee cozy. I have one on sale. Such a sale … I just made it free!

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A coaster

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I was thinking about a book cover for his notebook! I might have to do it


Dads are kinda tricky to figure out what to make for them. I’m working on a large mouth bass amigurumi for mine since he likes fishing. :blush: